How to be Successful in life: The biggest Question Of Human Life

The biggest question in human life “how to get success in life“,  so nobody can answer this question with words. If one could try to answer, It will be only a suggestion in his words, what you should Do or Don’t?

                  One remedy is not suitable for everyone’s problem.

          Please solve your problem by self, there is only need of willpower.

I would like to convey with a short story.

One evening, A wandering man met an Old man at the shore of the sea, got impressed with his thinking and talking style. He looked up into Old man eyes, and speak, “I think you’re a very intellectual and successful person. I wish to know the key to success in life from you.”The old man looked strangely at the man and replied, “I’ve thought a lot in my lifetime, and therefore I think could summed up the secret of success in four words:

1. The first is to “Thought” – Consider the values you want to measure your life by.

2. ​The second is to “Trust”- ​ Belief yourself supported the thinking you’ve done about the values you’re going measure your life by.

3. The third is to “Dream”- Dream about the things which will be, supported your belief in yourself and therefore the values you’re going to measure by.

4. ​The last is to “Dare” – Dare to convert your dreams into reality, supported your belief in yourself and your values.


There is nothing besides action can help you to be Successful in Life. According to that man, There are four action word can change prospect, perspective and power of energy in life.

What Is The Meaning Of Success In Life?

what is the meaning success in life

Success is not what you think, success is what you deserve. It is a long journey, not a destination. So, The real meaning of success in life is enjoying the journey. You never get complete satisfaction if you stop chasing your goals.

“The Beginning and The End are the same aspect of the successful life.”

You need to set a goal, start with a good strategy and have focus on. Yes, It will take time and hard work but you will achieve Great Satisfaction, Mental peace and Healthy and Wealthy Life one day.

If you dreamed to become a big name in your selected career, and you achieve what you want, certainly you are successful. I think satisfaction is only output of Success.

  “The greater the satisfaction, the greater the success.”

You can consider, “Speaker of  Success secret” is an Old Man So, you can’t measure your life value in Young age.

How To Define Success In Life?

how to get success in life

There is no ultimate definition of success, so it is not possible to define success particularly by the only person. Since everyone has a different aspect of life, so they think differently about being prosperous in life. That’s why only a definition can’t be suitable for all.

Success has not only dimension, So it is not comparable with others too. Some might define success with prosperity and fame, whereas others consider a life full of joy and happiness as the true meaning of success.

In my words, Success starts with a single idea but end with the Empire for the generations to follow, means it is only a chain combination of

How To Get Success In Life?

success in life



A Process of learning new Idea, that can be converted real from a dream. It needs a lot of Determination, Passion, and Tolerance.


A process of learning new success, that can be a base landmark for others who follow you in future. It needs a lot of Compassion, Stubbornness and Clear Vision.


A process of making an organisation around new ideas, that will be the first step of success. It need a lot of cooperation, trust and leadership.

Success in life

A process of making the chain of Accomplish Projects, that gives you a way to reach your ultimate goal of life. It needs a lot of Love, Happiness and Satisfaction.

For Students; What Is Success To You?


For Students, being successful means score good marks in the examination. Successful students get involved in their studies. They manage their time effectively.

I’m a passionate teacher by profession, so students are always near my heart. I can understand Success is a very important concept for You. So I list up some best tips for getting success in student life.

1. Prioritize Studies

A student should always prioritize his studies because it is his prime duty to schedule progress his learning. He should committed for studies not for marks. Always focus on the task at the hand and be man of the time.

2. Set A Goal For Career/ Life

Set a progressive goal for career as well as for life, the key to success in life. It marks the first step toward success, because once your vision is clear, you can imply all your focus to accomplish your Project. This direct you to achieve what you want to be in future.

3. Time Management

Time is important for all, but particularly Time Management is most necessary for any student. It enables you to add some extra project in your career/life, means more learning and more surety of success. Always remember successful students manage their time so that they can have time some extra circular activity.

4. Self/Group Studies

As an active member student should participate in group study and classroom activity, this helps you to update your knowledge as well develop a good relationship with teachers and classmates. Self-study is the most essential habit in one student, as it helps you to avoid distraction and make committed for your educational growth.

5. Don’t Compare yourself

You are the most special person in the world for yourself, so never do the comparison with others. Make your way to achieve your goal and resolve by learning from your mistakes as well as others. Trust me, if the problem is yours, nobody in the world can solve this.

At the end, I will not discuss any things about How to succeed in life and career, because I conveyed every aspect that can put you on the way of successful career and life. Once again I would like to suggest you.

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