Natural Phenomena

Wondrous natural light due to speed of light and lightwave

Display of light in the sky has astonished human since ancient as sometimes it is sombre grey and sometimes it is bright and clear. These natural phenomena create wondrous sights in the sky which attract human heart every time.

1. Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

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A natural phenomena of light in the sky which attract the human heart every time. Auroras are the spectacular display of colorful light in the northern part of the world; are formed when flow of tiny bits of matter from the sun reach the earth. Green or purple lights are formed by energy released from the atmosphere.
These lights can be seen with the necked eye but visible in country located in northern most part of the earth like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada; best visible at night from December to March.

2. Bright Streak of light (Shooting Star)

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When a meteoroid enters the earth’s atmosphere from outer space, a bright streak of light appears in the sky; it glows due friction of air against it and heated up. It is called shooting star or falling star. The impact creates a bowl shaped hole called meteor craters, when it falls on the earth. A crater of 4.180 ft wide and 570 ft deep was created by a meteoroid that weighed 300,000 tons in Arizona, USA.

3. Circumhorizontal Arcs (Fire Rainbows)

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When sunlight hits ice crystals in cirrus clouds that are very high in the sky, these impact create a spectacular sight called Circumhorizontal Arcs. These beautiful natural phenomena are known as Fire Rainbows.

4. Lenticular clouds

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Lenticular clouds are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes especially over mountain and even buildings. The wind flow is obstructed by these tall structures, condensing to form the unique clouds that often confused the observers at first sight because it looks like an UFOs. It commonly occurs during the winter and the spring.

5. Light pillars

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Vertical bands or tall pillars of light appear to shoot into the sky due to the reflection of light from the sun and the moon from various small ice crystals suspended in the air. This luminous optical phenomenon can be seen in northern hemisphere of earth, countries like Canada, Russia, and Finland.

6. Catatumbo Lighting (Beacon of Maracaibo)

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“The everlasting lightning” is characterized as an electrical discharge caused by an imbalance between storm clouds and the ground, or imbalances within storm clouds themselves. Colliding particles of rain, ice and snow within storm clouds create static charges. The negative charges converge at the bottom of the cloud and objects on the ground become positively charged. The ensuring imbalance of charges leads to lightning strikes, where charge zigzag to the ground or within the cloud in the form of lightning.
At the mouth of river Catatumbo, lightning occurs, on average 28 times per min for up to nine hours each day after dusk, for 260 days a year, accompanied by a storm.

7. Mammatus Clouds (Mammary Cloud)

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Mammatus clouds are some of the most unusual and distinctive clouds formation with a series of bulges or punches. They are formed by cold air sinking down to form the pockets contrary to the puffs of clouds rising through the convection of warm air. These may appear as smooth, ragged or lumpy lobes and may be opaque or translucent.

8. Sundog (Mock Sun)

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It is an optical phenomenon that consists of a bright spot to one or both side of the sun due to the reflection of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere. This is formally called a parhelion.
They can be seen anywhere in the world during any season, but are not always bright. Sundogs are best seen and most observable when the sun is near the horizon.

9. Green flash

Green flash
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The green flash is natural phenomena of light appear in the sky shortly after sunset and before sun rises. It appears when the sun is almost entirely below the horizon. Sun appears to suddenly change colour for about one or two seconds due to the Earth NOAA can cause the light from the sun to come together out into different colour. Green flash may be observed from any altitude.

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