How To Write Book Reviews To Earn $3000 per Month

Every year nearly 5 million books are published all over the world, so it is hard to search for a handpick is always stressful for readers. Book review helps a reader to search original content, what they want. The role of book reviewers become crucial currently. This article is for all those who are a book lover, if you want to pursue a career in this, where your passion is fulfilled. This handout will teach you tips and tools with some strategies about “How to Write a Book Reviews?”


Reviews are a piece of writings in which the writer critically evaluate a text, event, object, or phenomenon. It can consider books, articles, entire genres of literature, art, fashion, restaurants, performances, and many other forms.

Reviews are an argumentative commentary that allows you to enter into a discussion with the work’s creator and with other audiences. You can make a clear opinion with your understanding and judgment that could help the users to connect with the creator’s mindset.

How to write reviews for blog

What are Book Review? How can you make a career in it?

Book reviews are brief comment of readers that vary in tone, subject, and style with some common features:

Typically, review writing is a great way to give fellow readers a self-opinion about a newly read book. If you are a passionate reader who likes to share his thoughts with the world on a different concept, then you can be the best reviewer of books. Writing a review is no longer just a passion, but you can make a lot of money from it in the Internet age.

You can start reading and writing reviews on a book on a platform like Kindle and Goodreads. This can help you to connect with readers and writers community. Once you get enough experience, you can start your personal blog and youtube channels that will give enough revenue.

How to write a compelling and informative book reviews:

It’s said capturing attention is the masterstroke of successful bloggers, YouTubers, and RJ because people do not visit your platform until you could not prompt them to do so…

Whether you’re reviewing a book on an online book reading sites or your personal blog, you need to write a fair review,  with in-depth information to help your audience. My suggestions and tools will help you develop a deeper understanding of all points of review writing.

1. Make compelling headlines that hook readers

As a blogger and Youtubers, you should write compelling and SEO-friendly headlines that make you searchable on the Internet as well as help you attract the reader’s attention.

Headlines are the fundamental of success of any articles whether you are writing for any newspaper or internet, you need to make a clear voice that can get the attention.

For example

  1. True Story by Kate Reed Petty: Truth is in the eye of the beholder
  2. The Age of Innocence is a gang story as brutal as Goodfellas

2. A basic information about the concept of book

A piece of basic information helps the readers to understand the concept, genre, and all relevant messages, such as the publishing year, if the book is part of a series which should be read before, and others. The title and author are also an obvious choice.

With this masterpiece, Shri Tripathi touched the hearts of young readers by connecting his understanding of mythology to the mentality of the new generation.

3. A summary of the book plot

Outline the main plot of the book without sharing the climax or end of the book, so that your audience gets a summary of what the story is about. You should share the brief story and major learnings of the book in a commentary mode that will help you to connect with readers. Avoid giving away spoilers, while summarizing the main plot of the book so you don’t ruin the fun of the main story for your audience.

4. Like and Dislike in the book

Remain unaffected by other synopsis or teaser while making fair judgment about a book. Discuss what is interesting for you in the book and also mention your dislike in the book.

This is the most important part of a review, where your audience wants to know your views on the particular books. As a reviewer, you have to answer many critical questions about the books such as ”  why do you think, this book is good to read or not good to read.”  Your opinion helps them to decide, whether they would enjoy it or not.

For example

I personally think this is a magnificent story with old characters, that are not only entertaining but also provide cultural information. “An old story in a new genre.”


5. Your Rating

It is an essential part of the review most of the review websites use star ratings. Let your audience know, what marks will you give out of 5, if you like.


In the age of the internet, We have a great opportunity to make our hobbies as a career. There are enormous bloggers, artists, and writers get name and fame by choosing hobbies as a career. You can also read:-

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