How to choose the Right Career after Academics (A Critical Analysis)

To choose a right career is always hard but this become tough nowadays due to changing prospects of Life Style. If you have a planned and analysed decision with a clear vision, it takes to you long journey of successful life. 

1. Evaluate Yourself

How much do you know about yourself? This question will help to know about your strength, interest, and knowledge. It is the best way of self-evaluation. A little hard work, some planning, and some serious self-reflection can put you on a successful career track.

” First deserve then desire” Anonymous

Mentioned proverb can give you insight, “What are you good at, and what do you love most?”. You always advised to go with passion since childhood. This is true because it help you to think about your interest. As everyone wants to know,” the best for me”.

I. Evaluate your interest and take action.

Career tests; A self-interest assessment can help you identify a career that meets your interests. Interest assessments is usually a series of questions about what you like, dislike and like most.


It is told that your interest gives you insight to reach the dream career so follow your heart. You can start learning skills from the beginning by particular classes or internships. Your curiosity to know, will develop your learning skills and you will be an expert in your sector of your interest.

For example, If you want to be a writer, you can get a degree in language. You can consider an intern with top writers firms and strengthen your understanding of different life situations and connection words.

II. Hobbies can provide you career support

It is very easy to turn your hobbies into a future career as many hobbies correspond to the real world. You may work part-time for referrals and experience.

If you are preparing for some aptitude tests career like CAT or job tests like Civil Services, where the success rate is very low. Your hobbies can provide you back support for your future career.

III. Consider your best subjects

Academic subjects also provide plenty of career opportunities but may require more schooling than other types of careers.

For example, If you enjoyed science with math, consider becoming an engineer or an aircraft pilot.

2. Analyze your skills

You will have must listen, “Everyone born to do something special.” It means you have to assess this skill only. As skills can be bought, so go with excellent institutions. Expertise is only earned by experience of hard work.

Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation.” John Ruskin

I. Make a list of what you can do well.

This activity helps you to understand, the work you excelled in. Though it may not be your favourite thing to do, but can give you insight for a successful career future.

For example, you love to play and watch cricket but you are best in solving math problems. It’s not easy to become a cricketer for everyone so, engineering is a great career option for you.

II. Choose what you are best in.

Everyone born with some particular skill such as fixing things or making things. This is a special skill that can take you to the next level, and provide a great future.

For example, cooking can easily turn into a career. We can’t choose the right career but we can make our decision right.

III.Improve your interpersonal skills

Communication is one of the most powerful elements of success in any industry. People who can communicate and interact with others well can get a boost in their career easily nowadays. You should get involve deeply to improve interpersonal Skill.

For example, It is one of the leadership and administrative skills that can lead your career to the world. You can participate in some funnel or webinar.

3. Determine your Personalty

To choose the right career, it is necessary to assess your personality. Because it give you insight into the environment in which you can be adjusted.

“The note of the perfect personality is not rebellion, but peace.” Oscar Wilde

You can’t plan your future career without considering your current status. It includes “what are you ?” and “what you want to be ?”

I. Explore yourself

If you want a career that will really make you happy, you have to understand the situation of what you want and what you enjoy. It means you should take some time off to decide what important for you.

It is necessary to figure your life out as soon as possible, otherwise you will be suffered with the rest of career.

II. Analyze your educational and financial situation.

I think the best career for me is what suits me in the present condition and make a career path for the future. To analyze your educational and financial condition, and move forward.

Some career paths demand special academic knowledge which is sometimes expensive, so beware of being desperate. In this case consider, what education you already have. you can stick with your existing degree at any level.

For example, you want to join MBA, but financial condition is not as well to do so, you can join any marketing firm at entry-level. If your financial condition is good then you should try one of the best universities.

III. Set your goal

As you have listed up all your weaknesses and strength, now create a “Short List” based on what you learned from research. Now you should end up with two or three occupations. Eliminate the careers that have weak job opportunities.

With limited career options, you need more in-depth research. So you can arrange some meet with people who work in the same occupations. They can give an experienced insight. Once you make a decision, set your long-term and short-term goals.

4. Make a career action plan

Now you are in action mode, it is the situation you were searching for; A most critical situation where sometimes you easily adjust, while sometimes it can suffer you.

“Set peace in your mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” -Brain Tracy.

I will never advise you to adjust because it won’t learn you to face. Prepare yourself to face any situation and trust in your decision.

I. Job is easy

If you are considering a job, it is easy to access. You can quickly enter in a job with the help of parents or friends. To choose the right career you have to manage a disciplined life cycle only.

A job provides stability in your life but be careful for your future planning. Then a job can be an easy start of ultimate success.

II. Business can be easy

If you are considering a business, it is a little bit harder at the start but once you organize a system it becomes self-dependent. For this, you will have to develop some entrepreneur skills as Leadership. Make a dream board of your organization because it is a wonderful tool for organizing your company’s objectives.

It is harder but not impossible, I personally think everybody must try to set up a business once in a life.

What I think about

How to choose the Right Career after Academics (A Critical Analysis)

“There is nobody in the world can make the perfect decision, but one can make it perfect”

This is a perfect quote when we are talking about career. There is no right career path in the world, as there are no occupations in which nobody gets failed or passed. So choose whatever you want to be or whatever you want to do.

Be determinant!

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