How to Become Teacher in reputed school and college

Government School and Reputed private school Teacher recruitment procedure, educational qualification, Teacher Training Course and a complete guide to “How to become a teacher” from Primary to PGT?

Basic education to become a teacher

Teaching is a very prestigious and safe profession in our society and at the same time, you can earn very well if you are passionate about helping students.

There is always a shortage of good teachers in society, the best teachers are awarded the best pay scales in reputed public schools as well as coaching centers. A complete guide for your glorious teaching career.

To become a teacher, you will need a minimum 10+2 academic certificate, but as the level of class will get higher from Primary to PGT, a higher level of academic education is needed.

Moreover, you need some core qualifications, the qualifications required for that level, to teach at the elementary and intercollegiate levels.

  • Diploma courses (D.El.Ed. and DPSE)
  • Bachelor degree courses (B.Ed. for TGT)
  • Master degree courses (M.Ed. for PGT)
  • Doctorate/ PhD courses (Professor & Researcher)

There are many teacher training courses available in India, which are giving excellent training to the candidates in the field of teaching. Especially for those candidates who aim to become future teachers in the latest available teaching methods.

Certificate & Diploma courses for primary teacher

These courses are available on various online and offline educational platform. Some certificate courses also vary with the states, such as Basic Teachers Training Course is a 2-year full-time certificate level program in education.

This training course is covered in 4 semesters for 2 years which is recognized by NCTE, Government of India. Candidates who have passed 10+2 with 50% marks are eligible to apply for DIET Delhi admission Or JBT.

  • Basic Teacher Certification (BTC)  in UP.
  • Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) or (Co.Ed.) valid all over the country.
  • Diploma in Pre School Education (DPSE) valid all over the country.

With these certificates, one can easily apply in reputed pre-schools and also get a license for private playschools and crèche.

Bachelor Degree courses for Teacher ( TGT).

Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) is a recognized specialized program for teacher training in India. This is a gateway to a teaching career all over the world.

Any bachelors, who got 50% or more in their major subject can enroll for B.Ed. program. This is also applicable for B.Tech or computer enthusiastic students if they want to become computer teachers or want to teach their favorite subjects.

To become a computer teacher, you need to be a computer graduate or you should have at least owned a diploma certificate in computer science.

Similarly, For any particular subject (TGT), you need to be honors graduate in that. For language teacher (Honors in literature), to become a Science teacher in particular subjects (Honors in Phy /Chem/Bio/Maths).

Post Graduate courses for Teacher(PGT)

Master in Education (M.Ed) is a higher educational program if you want more accessibility and reputation in your teaching career.

Teaching career varied from lower to higher education. You can upgrade your career to PGT level or you can also start from here. For the secondary or sr. secondary school teachers, it is mandatory to enroll in the teacher training program.

For all faculty, whether they are from a technical background or a formal educational background, they must carry these teacher training certificates from recognized university of the country.

To become PGT, you need to get post-graduate certificates in that particular subject with a minimum of 60% or more marks. Your teaching career can boost with this program.

Doctorate/PhD courses for Professor and Researchers

Yes, If you want to reach at top of the teaching career, you need to get the highest level of formal educational degree. With the education polity 2020, NET (National Eligibility Test) is not mandatory for the Ph.D. students to become professors and researchers in reputed universities.

If you are passionate to become a professor, you need to reach the top of your education. After completion of your research, you can apply for an assistant professor in any university in India.

You can enroll for PhD from any University recognized by UGC/AICTE in India or Foreign university. All scholarly personality possess this certificate of reputation, due to their phenomenal work in a particular dimension.


Teaching is one of the best career opportunities, where you can get security, asset, and prestige equally. Teachers are the personalities, who are responsible for making a new society.

Whenever we talk about nation-building, only teachers can change the mentality of students in favor of the nation. Teaching is not only a career opportunity but also a responsibility of making a new and innovative society.

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