How Indian politics has been changed over the last fifty years

Sometime it is very awkward to think about the real politics which is really different from what is politics……

Indian politics

Serving the mass is politics as we know, but today every aspect has been changed in Indian politics. Our leaders give priority to allegation upon other leaders and political parties over their contributions and planning. The mass of our country is politically immature about their power of vote due to lack knowledge of making decision. By nature, most of our country men are dependent in decision making, so always relying on local leaders for assistance to cast their vote which makes our politics dirty. We should be aware of at least fundamental of our constitution such as our religious epic……

Leaders in Indian Politics

A few years ago a movie released with title DIRTY POLITICS; this reel shows us the game behind the real. This can be seen easily during election when no politician can say abc is his party, because everything is decided with power & money, this is called politics in our country. Leaders are divided on the basis of religious approaches, cast determination & ethnicity whether they work or not. Politically immature voters puzzled and become helpless at the name of religion, ethnicity and cast.

We have three layer governing system, all three bodies is elected by same voters at the same issue while issue should be changed for three. Unless we do not stop to cast vote on traditional basis, nothing can be changed socially as well as politically. In democracy, we have right to oppose and make own choice to parties to choose the honest, honorable and the most desirable person from Indians. If you do not care about your country means you are destroying your home, must keep in mind. This incredible India is gift for our children from our ancestors, so this is our prime duty to care responsibly until we die.

Our political inability

Cultism is the behavior of our democracy from Nehru to Modi as everything became inferior in front of an individual leader can be destructive for systems as in decade of 70th ; a powerful government misuse constitutional provision for their safety and emergency took place. It is not guaranteed and believable that it cannot be again. Historically, we are aware that, this ideology leads dictatorship in many countries which was destructive not only for that country but also for world. We should have to learn from USA, where leaders are only judged by their achievement and national issues.

Experience is only source of learning

We owned undoubtedly a great constitution which has ability to coordinate and satisfy the demand of diverse religious group, casts & ethnic community but we do not justify with this as our ancestor do, time to time our government try to make it weak due to lack constitutional understanding of us. Our representatives are not responsible for us; they follow their party whip only. Political parties initially created on ideology but today, this is also became a career opportunity for some leaders and their families. Multiparty system made for wide representation, but it is also used by some self centered leaders to fulfill their aspiration. They use it to strengthen their politics at communal and regional basis that cannot be bad for short prospect but it make distance among communities and region in long sphere.

Message for us

Power to elect government is definitely a vigorous method for people in our country. But it is not getting chance to meet leaders only. We should judge our representative on the basis of work except name, fame, community, cast, religion or region. We are socially divided that is a case study for leaders they count us as vote only. If we have to beware of being a vote. We should have to unite in the unbreakable knot of India nation. It is well said that “power give us responsibility” so must use your power responsibly. We have forgotten perhaps, that we have remote control have in our hand. By using the power of vote we can teach all leaders a lesson of unity, integrity and fraternity.


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