Gandhi Jayanti 2020: Bapu in Modern India

First of all, Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2020!

Mahatma Gandhi

It is the 151st birth anniversary of our great leader, social reformer, and freedom fighter of our country. We are the 4’th and 5’th generation of  Mahatma Gandhi’s India. We have done a lot of research on his thought and ideology, his biographies, and his books but still a lack of spirit of Gandhi in the current generation, Why?

Because we want Gandhi but don’t want to become Gandhi. The only reason for this is that the image of Gandhi that was presented to us was shown as a helpless fakir “who extended the other cheek in exchange for a slap” but never tried to understand the purpose behind that. He always played two roles in real life, which been never easy as a social activist, who fought for people against the social system as well as the political system. He also fought against distorted social practics, present in our social system as untouchability, child marriage, and cast discriminations.

In other words, he fought against the British rule for independence and won freedom for us, but even after losing his life, he could not create a sense of harmony among his people. It is said that it is easy to conquer this world but it is impossible to defeat our own people perhaps that was the reason why Mahatma Gandhi, who trembled the grounds of colonialism in the world, became helpless among his people.

Gandhi as a symbol of politics in India

Gandhi began his journey as a social worker from the Champaran movement (Bihar) in 1917 and died due to the Hindu-Muslim conflict. He raised social issues against the government on the political front too. He was the only leader of India who opposed partition. But after independence, people made him the political figure of our country as if he were the cause of every problem of our country. Today, people debate “who was Gandhi? Why was Gandhi? They want to make a comparison between Bhagat Singh or Gandhi and Gandhi or Bose. I want to ask, is it possible? If” yes “please explain to us that “How the purpose of these great people was different”.

I am sure, Nobody can do this because some of freedom fighters were crazy about freedom, then some were crazy for the goodness of the people. Those who had the kind of experiences was following with the complete devotion. That’s why we can say, these debates are completely baseless and senseless. They were legend of our country, whose Religion, Deeds and, Words was only India. Some could die for India, so they did. Some could die for the people, so they did.

They will never thought that their upcoming generation will debate for them after 70 years of Independence. If you want to learn anything from him, so you should learn patriotism from them, only patriotism with selfless emotion.

Gandhi  as social leader

It is usually seen that in our country, social faces do not remember people very much, but if the face becomes political, it is immediately made a hero. As much as we know Nehru, Ambedkar, or Patel, we do not know Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Keshbanand Bharati, or Dayanand Saraswati. Perhaps, that’s why we discuss about Bapu as a political leader while we ignore his social activity. I would like to say that ” Gandhi was not a political leader, he was a social activist who worked for his people only” so, as soon as possible parties and government leave him for society.

Gandhiji strongly believed in harmony in social system without any changes in society, but theory of “disitegration of power” was proclaimed impractical in constituent assembly. Most of Gandhi’s thought placed in the directive principle of constitution, which is still waiting for approval of parliament. Social system is the weakest part in our country.


As far as harmony is concerned, Gandhi’s dream will never be fulfilled by the people of this country. Because now where society should stand, political parties reach out with their own interests. Sometimes in the name of justice, creates differences between religions and sometimes differences between castes.

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