Factors Affecting Physical Fitness And Wellness & Successful Lifestyle.

Any journey of success is incomplete in the absence of mental peace. There are many factors and behaviours you need to be successful. There are many factors affecting Physical fitness and wellness directly or indirectly can impact productivity.

Success is a big deal. You have to do hard work day & night for success but if your fitness is not as well as to be then your success become meaningless. Every success story starts with a stressful situation but move toward an endless peace.

Four Simple Step For Successful Lifestyle


These four rules define your intensity of enthusiasm and behaviour if you are dedicated to your goal or not. If you are ready to adopt the change around yourself, so you are devoted to your success. And it is a Successful beginning.

1. Wake Up Early:-Most Important habit of a human that is necessary for managing mindset, health set, heart set and soul set. This habit is as important for your success as your success is. All the Research, Success Guru and Books related to Time Management define Morning habit is magnanimous for health and creativity.

2. Work Harder Than You Did Yesterday:- There is no alternate option for hard work, if you want success in your career as well as in life. Every success story is remarkable for Hard Work. Every step toward success demands a high curiosity in each stage of your idea into result.

3. Never Go More Than 3 Days Without Exercise:- Exercise is also a habit of high minded personality. Every great leader is habitual to exercise or walking whether they are religious leaders, public welfare leaders or business leaders. Most of business leaders give priority to morning walk that helps them to connect with nature.

4. Make Time To Read Everyday:- Reading is not a habit it is the necessity of mankind. This helps your brain to be open for new idea and helps to see the world differently. I suggest you to mark a list for your readings that empower you to fly high in life.

What Are Factors Affecting Physical Fitness and Wellness?

physical fitness and wellness

A list of factor that affects our life, thought and performance not only in a phase of life but also throughout the life. There are two types of factors affecting your productivity. i.e. 1. External factors 2. Internal factors.

You can see many physically incapable personalities with their success sparking the idea of people. Which is enough to lift you higher than your traditional thinking. So you can understand the basic principles of success i.e. Expertise which can come through practice only.

1. Anatomical:-

You must be appropriate in body size and structure because it is essential for the performance in career as well as life. Sometimes genetically impaired organs are responsible for weakness in structure which limits individual performance.

If you want high performance, you should abstain from every unhealthy habit i.e. liquor, cigarettes and fatty foods. And You should adopt a healthy habit i.e. exercise, practice and a healthy diet.

2. Physiological:-

Physiological system like muscular, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system must function effectively. This is the external elements of your design that impact your productivity.

Coordination is necessary among the different life system to fit physiologically that can be gained by practice only. For high perform the specific action of the different organ of the body should be guided in a definite direction.

3.  Psychological Factor:-

Mental factor is the most powerful element of a lifecycle because the mind is the master of the human body. Your psychology is which make your mind creative or destructive. If you have control over your mind nothing can become a barrier in your performance. You must be mentally tough/strong and prepared to perform better.

Psychological issues like anxiety and stress, can harm your mental fitness and can cause of low performance. Overthinking is a negative element that can cause anxiety and stress If you want to overcome this problem, you must adopt a positive attitude and disciplined lifecycle.

4. Climate:-

Physical fitness gets affected by different climatic conditions such as summer, winter, and humid etc. Adaptation is the best way to adjust in any climatic condition for high performance. Varying climatic condition is also in factors affecting physical fitness and wellness that impact upon the productivity.

5. Diet:-

Diet plays an important role in maintaining physical fitness level. Requirement of balanced diet varies from individual to individual according to activity. Therefore while planning a fitness programme diet factor must also be given due consideration.

A balanced diet helps you to keep mentally active and physically fit. Everyone should obey a disciplined diet plan prepared by their dietician. 

6. Healthy surrounding:

A healthy environment at home/school/playfields is helpful in proper physical growth and educational development of an individual. A green surrounding creates a better learning environment where a positive mindset develop.

There is a need for a proper working environment for participation in any activities otherwise it will affect the fitness of an individual. It also impact upon mindset and productivity.


physical fitness and wellness

I list down and discuss the factors affecting physical fitness and wellness that help you to grow a peaceful mindset. A healthy lifestyle is as important as your hard work for your success that’s why I describe some habits and factors for your fitness.

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