Continents in the world: The facts of World you should know about

Primarily,  There are two parts of the entire Earth’s surface, with 29% of the surface area called the continent, while 71% is under seawater called Ocean. According to the Wegener’s “continental drift theory,”  all the continents in the world formed from a single continental landmass called PANGEA and the mega ocean called PANTHALASA surrounded the same.

According to Wegener, around 200 million years ago, the supercontinent PANGEA began to split. PANGEA first broke into two large continental masses as Laurasia and Gondwanaland. Afterward, Laurasia and Gondwanaland continued to break into various smaller continents that exist today.

Continents in the World with facts and secrets

The total landmass is formed of seven visible large continents and three invisible smaller landmasses. Some continents have land connectivity while others not. They are different in size, landforms, and the number of countries.

The names of the seven continents of the world are Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, and Antarctica. There are conflicts among Researchers about other landmasses, whose most of the part submerged inside the ocean is Greater Adria, Zealandia, and Mauritia.

Geographical and Historical facts about Continents are:-

As we have discussed earlier all the continents are detached from a supercontinent called Pangea. We have a lot of evidence to prove these geographical facts:

  1. The similarity of fossils among continents
  2. Identical rock along the continental seashore
  3. The similarity in plants and animals in different continents
  4. Zig-Saw-Fit
  5. Radiometric Dating Method

Two models proposed by archaeologist about human existence on all continents in the world:

  1. The Replacement Model
  2. The Regional Continuity model

The largest continent in the world

Facts about Asia:-

Asia is the largest continents in the world, with an area of 44,579,000 sq. km, which is around 30% of the world territorial land. This is the most populous continent where nearly 446.27 crores people live in 49 countries, which are 60% of the world population.

Asia is the land of the world’s largest country Russia and the world’s two most populous countries China and India. The top ten highest peaks on earth contains in Asia, including Mt. Everest (8,848 m). The Roof of the World is a metaphoric description of the highest region in the world, also known as High Asia.

Asia is the birthplace of two ancient civilizations; the Harappan civilization in India and the Yangtze civilization in China. All the major religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Christianity, just as many others, have begun from Asia. The world greatest man-made structure, “The Great Wall of China” can be seen from space.

There are several language families present in Asia, just as most of the Asian countries have more than a natively spoken language. Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali poet from India became the first Nobel laureate, preceded by many others such as Mother Teresa, Shirin Ebadi, and Aung San Suu Kyi.

Black continent in the worldFacts about Africa:-

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, with an area of 30,221,532 sq km, which is around 20% of the world territorial land. This is the second most populous continent where nearly 127.61 crores people live in 54 countries, which is 16% of the world population. Africa is the poorest continent in the world, according to the low average per capita income.

Africa is the land of the world’s largest desert “The Sahara desert” and the world’s longest river Nile. “Dark continent” is a metaphoric description of Africa, because the continent’s terrain was uninhabitable and remained unknown for thousands of years. The hottest place in the world, ” Ethiopia” lies in this continent.

Africa is the only continent in the world from where three major latitudes tropic of Cancer, tropic of Capricorn, and Equator passes. The equator passes through the middle of the Dark Continent so, it receives direct sunlight throughout the year. Natural heritage, such as natural vegetation and varieties of animals enriches this land.

According to “The Replacement Model” Homo sapiens originated in Africa and then migrated to all the other continents of the world. The earliest evidence of stone tools was found in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Africa is a mineral-rich continent where more than 50 percent of the world’s gold and 95 percent of the world’s diamonds produce. Africa produces nearly 66% of chocolate, which makes this the largest producer of Chocolate.

Richest continent in the world

Facts about North America:-

North America is the third-largest continent in the world, with an area of about 24,709,000 sq km, which is around 16.5% of the world territorial land. The population of this continent is nearly 58.2 crores, who live in 23 countries and 7.5% of the world population. North America is the second richest continent in the world, the per capita income of North Americans is $49,240.

North America is entirely present in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth. It is also a part of the ‘New World’, which got its name after the explorer Amerigo Vespucci. North America has five time zones. This is the only continent with every type of climatic condition. World largest freshwater lake ” Lake Victoria” and the third-longest river “Mississippi river” present in this continent.

North America got its first human populations during the last glacial period, via crossing the Bering land bridge nearly 40,000 to 17,000 years ago. Columbus was the first European, who traveled through transatlantic, but after the Columbian era, transatlantic migration changed the culture and ethnic pattern of entire America.

North America has an only land connection with South America at Isthmus of Panama. The continent has four great geographical regions; the Great Plains, mountainous west, the raised but relatively flat plateau of the Canadian Shield in the northeast, and the varied eastern region. Canada is one of the oldest regions in the world with diverse and extensive mineral resources.

North America is one of the most developed continents in the world, with the world’s largest economy, the USA. The average food intake of individuals of North Americans is the highest. North America is the highest producer of Maize and Soybeans.

Lungs of the world

Fact about South America:-

South America is the fourth largest continent in the world, which expand in nearly 17,840,000 square kilometers area. The population of the continents is approximately 43 crores, who live in 12 sovereign states. Brazil is the largest country in South America with more than half of the continent’s population. South America is the 4th largest continental economy in the world.

South America present in the Southern Hemisphere, with a small portion in the Northern Hemisphere. This continent is famous for the largest forest and largest river, that is Amazon. Amazon forest produces 20% of oxygen, so it remark as “Lungs of the earth”.

South America is home to the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, Angel Falls; the highest single-drop waterfall Kaieteur Falls; the longest mountain range, the Andes; the driest non-polar place on earth, the Atacama Desert; the wettest place on earth, López de Micay; the highest capital city, La Paz; the highest commercially navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca; and, excluding research stations in Antarctica, the world’s southernmost permanently inhabited community, Puerto Toro, Chile.

Historical artifacts, architectural and natural wonders, a distinct range of foods and culture, vibrant and colorful cities, and remarkable landscapes attract millions of tourists every year to South America. This continent is remarkable for the natural landscape on the entire earth.

Continents in the world

Fact about Antarctica:-

Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent in the world, but deserted due to the extreme natural condition such as driest, windiest, and emptiest. This continent expands about 14,000,000 sq km and completely cover with icy land and glaciers. There is no permanent habitation here except research stations.

Nearly 70 percent of the Earth’s freshwater is present in Antarctica in the form of ice, so it is also called the White Continent or the Frozen Continent. Before 1840, the Antarctic was called “Terra Australis Incognita” which meant the unknown southern land.

Antarctica gets half a year of light and half a year of complete darkness. Summer months of December to February gets 24 hours of light, while the winter months of late March to late September are pitch dark the whole day.


Fact about Europe:-

Europe is the sixth continent in the world with an area of 10,180,000 sq km, while the 3rd largest populous continent where 739 millions of people live in 50 countries. This continent is entirely present in the northern hemisphere. Europe shares the same landmass with Asia while the Ural mountains and the Caspian Sea separates both continents.

European culture played a major role in shaping the world culture because European countries control all over the world during the colonial period. Europe is also the land of the oldest civilization, Mesopotamia was the first generation, while Greece was the second generation of civilization.

Europe is the most developed continent in the world where most of the developed countries present such as the UK, France, and Germany. European countries are the member of the European Union that works just as the greatest nation-states. Europe was the battleground of the two world wars.

Historical artifacts, architectural and natural wonders, a distinct range of foods, and enriched European culture, vibrant and colorful cities, and remarkable landscapes attract millions of tourists every year in Europe. The economy of many countries in Europe dependent on the tourism and aviation sector only.

Australia continent



Facts about Australia:-

Australia is the smallest continent of about 8,525,989 sq km area. Only 40 million people live in three countries across the continent. It is an island continent of the pacific ocean. This continent lies entirely on the south of the equator and so often called the continent “downland”. Australia is the oldest, flattest, and driest inhabited continent, with the least fertile soils.

Australia is the largest wool producer in the world. This continent is famous for kangaroo and coral reef. The Great Barrier Reef is around 2000 km long sea sore covered beautiful red coral. Two third of the land in Australia is desert.

This continent is a center of attraction for tourists due to the coral reef, kiwi, and kangaroo. Historical monuments, open European culture, and splendid city life also beautify and glorify the tourism sector in this continent.


There are 7 continents in the world, which is one-third of the world. About 759. 43 crore people live in 200 countries of these continents. Apart from this, scientists claim that there is a continent named Zealandia, only a small part of which rises above the sea that is New Zealand.

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