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This is Ajit Pandey founder of  “ReadandShare“. I’m an avid researcher, blogger, entrepreneur and motivational writer from New Delhi, India. I’m an content writer and digital marketer by profession. I start blogging in 2018 just after my last attempt of UPSC Exam.

I’m a research enthusiastic content writer who like to write lots of article on different niches as World Facts, Indian Facts, Career and Education, Lifestyle etc. I may use big words but I’m affectionate to live simple and love to simplify complex stuff.

I want to know about blogging because of it’s the idea of connecting people of like-minded and share my knowledge with the world. Although I have vast knowledge of my syllabus but researching is my favourite stuff.

At Read and Share, you will find content on various topic including Reviews ( My product Expert team is writing Reviews articles for your help), World Facts, Indian Facts, Career & Education, and Lifestyle etc. I’m continuously developing contents regarding Knowledge, Job, Business and lifestyle.

I add a new Category in my web pages Reviews, Where my Expert Team help you to understand the Product Value & Services Value in simple words. They are dedicated reviewers who contribute quality reviews to your products.

Everything that I publish on Read and Share is coming by Knowledge, Experience, and Research.

We are also organising a content writing competition for new content writers. Anyone who is willing to write can join our hand. We also provide paid freelance intern to best writers and Rs 1000 for each selected article.

About Ajit Pandey

If You Believe In Yourself, You can Change Your Whole Prospect Of Life.

” Its my Experience of Life”

” Your Guide”

I completed my Post Graduation (English Literature) from IGNOU Delhi in 2013 and start UPSC Preparations. It is the time when I learn most of the lesson of life and how to bounce back.

we have started a Coaching Center in 2011 that help me financially during my UPSC preparations. It is my first successful venture.

I have worked with Rouge Communication, a specialized print media content delivery organization.

I have also work with a startup Ademporioum, a 360 Advertising Agency in New Delhi, India.

I’m also writing a book publish as soon as possible.

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