Write Articles and quotes to win Rs1000 or More…


1.  We have organized a campaign for college and school students and writers.
2. Signup to our website Readandshare.in and E-mail your articles & Quotes.
3. Win Rs1000 per month.

 You can start content writing with us ; we are providing a platform for new writers and students. Selected writers must be paid by per articles or permanent membership of writing articles according to demand of website. Win Rs1000 is only a campaign if you will be shortlisted you can get more.

How to start content writing

You should read articles of top bloggers that’ll be helpful for you to understand SEO friendly content.

Improve your grammar and be helpful for your reader. You can start with us; we are searching for newbies if your article will be selected, we not only publish but also awarded as per our criteria.You can start with writing articles and advertising your style and stuff by sharing via social media and other media platforms that will help to connect with clients. We are also providing platform for newbies that will help them to grow.

What to write

Choose any one topic of your interest and make question and write creative answer is that If you can solve the logical issues of questions with your understanding beyond traditional way. At least 300 words should be in your article. 

When start writing be careful with

1 Intro.

Put some words to introduce the whole feature and understanding of question that can help your readers to understand your views

2 Body

Body is mostly relevant to your answer so please before making this part read your question carefully again. Use simple tenure to solve complex stuff that must attract the attention of your readers or examiner.

3 Conclusion

This part is called output of your answer so please put your own experiences and solutions that will help examiner or reader to evaluate you simply.

How to send

Send your article via any media or in any mode.

If you use pen and page, each words should be clear.

Contact:- thevisionblog2019@gmail.com

 WhatsApp :- 9911992025


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