The Earth can be changed with a little effort of us

The Earth is only living planet in universe until predictions change into possibility……

The Earth

“The World” this context can be defined differently according to academic subject. Sometimes this mean whole physical universe and whole Earth but when you ask from a Human; family is only World for them.

The Earth is our planet where our ancestors lived with millions types of organisms and plants since millions of years. Now it is our turns, so The Earth is our world where we have to live together. I think “We do not justify with our planet as we are on the way of destroying nature for fulfillment of our material needs”. We live in realistic age of science; it makes us aware about everything that is not only dangerous such as ozone depletion, global warming, and  increasing pollutants in sources of fundamental necessities etc. but also explain us solutions with step by step measures regarding each issues. Perhaps our governments initiated regarding the issues with institutionalization under the circumstances of some international organisations like UNEP, WHO, and NGOs. Every step taken by international organisations and our governments is appreciable but it not solutions of the problems arises by us; Do you know? Why?

Limit your needs can save The Earth

The earth is not in our priority, we have lost ourselves in our private life (means fulfillment of needs and entertainment of family) while we cannot expect a better life for our family until earth is not healthy. We had never thought that our one step regard to save nature can change the situation of entire community. We should initiate from now to conserve our earth from us. It will be hard to tell me that today our needs became the enemy for entire earth. Our great leader Mahatma Gandhi messaged us “The World has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”. So please decrease your needs and help the organisations to make our earth clean and green.

Predictions for The Earth

Though our ancestors gave us enormous knowledge about way to live a blessed life; we have changed every aspect of mastery as they gave us religions we convert it into communalism, they gave us Science we use it to destroy The earth. I do not mean “our age is not constructive” we are also constructive but our construction is creating threats not only for human but also nature and earth. I had study somewhere, our fourth world war will be in forest but I am sure if world war took place in this era nothing left behind. It is told Human is only guardian of this planet but what happen when “Protector became destroyer”. Great scientist Stephen Hawking of our age predicts that “The Earth would turn into a giant ball of fire by 2600ce”.

As a Guardian, it is our prime duty to change our attitude toward the earth that can give a new life to our real world. We have nothing to do besides to follow the guidelines released by our governments and international organisations. If we want a golden future for our next generations we should take some strict commitments to ourselves.

As follows:

  • Plant at least 10 saplings and help it to grow…..
  • Bring reusable bags for marketing; plastics have made the whole world a garbage box.
  • Follow strictly 3 “R’s” to conserve natural resources.
  • Don’t send chemicals into waterways.
  • Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Save energy; use energy severs appliances and long lasting light bulbs.
  • Conserve water; water crisis can be seen in many prosperous cities of the world.
  • Choose sustainable ways of earning livelihood; be protective for nature.
  • Drive less; use public transport as much you can.
  • Educate yourselves about importance and value of natural resources.

If we want to save The Earth from destruction, we have to initiate because there is no other superpower will appear to save us.


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