An incomparable love of mother is divine honour

Mother is necessary as no one can care with innocence of her, to a new born.

My first teacher

Though it is my first blog about relationship; I’m devoting my words in the feet of Mother at occasion of Mother’s day. I have read many biographies; every noble personality ascertained that his/her mother made impactful environment in family that could lead them to what they were/are. Personally, I’m also thankful to God for such Mom who not only gave lesson to love each but also made my vision of achievers. It is said that God is present everywhere in different forms; mother is one of them.


She is the most inspirational and touching personality in living world. It could be seen that human always called his mother in pain. She not only gave birth but also learns to tackle ups and down of the world as well. All religions gave mother a sacred place similar to god. According to Hinduism, this universe is the creation of “Purush and prakriti” that is Ardhanarishvara (a composite of androgynous form of the Hindu deities Shiva and Parvati). Every mother is divine form of prakriti.
Maternity is purposeful affection present in the heart of mother for children whether she is woman or she-organism. As nature a mother has every component which enables her to bear pain on herself for her children. Sometime children behave unfairly with her and send their parents to old age home without thinking about emotion and remembrance of mother which made that house a home.


I would like to request from our generation that our parents are always resourceful if we want to use in our life. Their experience can give your children a wide knowledge about culture, etiquette and importance of family which cannot be learnt in books or school. I observe that marks of student is better if they live with their grandparents. We have study about nuclear family and satisfy with bookish definition but according to our culture family is not complete without parents.
Our parents are our need not our responsibility.

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